(She exaggerates her medical problems to get attention

Awesome job, gage. Reporter: Determined to recover. I had to relearn how to walk, relearn how to talk, relearn how to live life again. I feel that I.31Politics and Social IssuesOK, let’s just call it a terrorist attack!by Reality Bytes 6 years agoNo, not another Libya based thread. Let us discuss the incident at Fort Hood that the administration has still failed to call a “terrorist attack”!Why is this important, why is it relevant?Fort Hood Victims Demand Attack Be Deemed ‘Terrorism’Survivors of the Fort Hood massacre.104Hate Crimes Hate GroupsHate Crime: Church shooting in South Carolinaby Motherbynature 3 years agoA white man walked into a church and shot down 9 people, including a pastor. Rightfully it is being considered a hate crime.

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